In three years from now, what would you like your financial life to look like?

Setting goals for what you want to achieve with your money can give you an actionable plan to follow and a reason to stay motivated. But which financial goals are the most important?

Here are…

The first step to tackling your debt is understanding how much you have and how much interest you are paying on your debt. Different types of debt impact your finances in different ways. It is the high-interest debt that can have the biggest impact: payday loans, credit cards, store cards…

When we think of relationships, we often think of our interactions with other people. Life experiences teach us that relationships with people can be positive or challenging, healthy or unhealthy, for many different reasons. But have you ever considered what your relationship with money is like?

So why is having…


A social entrepreneur and co-founder of Spring. Working to positively impact the lives of 400,000 kiwis living in financial hardship.

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